Monday, 19 March 2012

Apologies - been a long time

Well I've been a bit pants at posting again. Lots has gone on recently, firstly Nickel had his photo shoot which was amazing and I will post the pictures on here very soon! Then we kicked on with the recovery. Nickel's behaviour had been getting worse and worse as he got fitter and fresher. Ho hum, so in the end after getting the all clear and Nickel being signed off by the vets as sound, he was then turned out. I finally got my lovely sane boy back!
So it was on with getting his shoes, back, vaccs and teeth sorted. All this went well apart from his vaccination. I have seen horses with swollen necks etc from having the flu vacc. done but Nickel, in true Nickel style went to town. He was fine the day after it was done, a bit quiet but nothing too much to worry about. However the next day he was clearly upset in the morning and could not put his head down to eat his breakfast, it looked like he had tied up. Cue a visit from the vet to give him some drugs to get him more comfortable and a few days of bute.
Next on the priority is the preparation for our first ever dressage together. That is now just 3 weeks away!