Sunday, 1 April 2012

Woooo April is here

Sitting up is really dragging on and there has been a total lack of Nickel updates for a while. He is now back to normal which is a relief. I've been working on our stressage in preparation for next week, I've been a bit down about it all but those that have seen him seem impressed so maybe I am being a bit harsh on us.
I have broken up the boring schooling with some lovely long rides. The weather has been so nice, Nickel has been naked out in his field. I also introduced Nickel to the joys of the Pub! I have Tweeted proof of this on Twitter so please go and look.
There is also a link on there for Steph Greaves' beautiful painting of Nickel that she did this weekend. It is simply stunning, she is so talented.
So the preparations for the dressage competition at Worlington Riding Club are now in motion, I've entered, got the tests, got together all the gear needed. The main thing I need to do between now and then is to get Nickel clean, so that'll be washing him Friday and Saturday and a touch up Sunday morning!