Sunday, 5 February 2012


Firstly this is not my first attempt at blogging but this time I hope to get it right, i.e. sharing enough that it is interesting but not too much that my job is danger or that I offend people. LOL.

I am a frustrated writer, I might explain about that more as time comes on but basically, the purpose of this blog is to record the journey of Nickel.

Nickel is a 15hh Connemara born in Ireland, imported as a 4 year old by a dealer, where he was mainly hunted but he also showed promise as a good allround PC horse. Two years ago he was bought by some rich people for a large amount of money, somewhere inbetween they lost interest and I picked him up for a lot less. Given what happened between then and now, some may say you pay for what you get. I disagree, I have never spent more than £2k on a horse. I just lucked out this time. Rather spend that amount, than nearly £5k on a cripple that can't be fixed. (and breathe) Sorry mini rant over. The thing that went wrong was PSD in both hind limbs, or basically wear and tear of the suspensories with a bit of arthritis in one hock. That resulted in an operation and 11 weeks out of work. Now he has the all clear and is even better than ever, so I hope to use this to record our journey.
I was meant to ride Nickel today for the first time since November, however, the weather chose otherwise and with the snow, all current exercise is curtailed until further notice. Hopefully I shall be getting back on board this week. TTFN!

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